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Climate Change’s Bait-and-Switch

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This will go down as my shortest post ever:

What’s wrong with this equation for the burning of octane?
2 C8H18+ 25 O2⟶ 16 CO2+ 18 H2O

Let’s see who’s astute out there.

Look to Switzerland for the answer to most of the modern world’s problems
The more I dug into @GretaThunberg's story, the more I realized that something stinks here. It's no COINCIDENCE that her first appearance was on August 20, 2018, with a sit-in protest in front of the Swedish Parliament, followed COINCIDENTALLY four days later by the release of a book she co-authored with her mother.
All orchestrated from Switzerland https://twitter.com/goddeketal/status/1636465572153008134 Is this a blow to Switzerland? Some are questioning it.
NETHERLANDS - The Farmers’ Protest party has WON in provincial elections ? A huge defeat for Rutte & his WEF ideology! He tried to dictate a societal change without asking the people.
https://twitter.com/BernieSpofforth/status/1636402194801999880 jerry
PaV: No, there are 50 on both sides. You're right; my bad. JVL
JVL @ 11: No, there are 50 on both sides. What's wrong is that for every pair of CO2 molecules produced by burning fuel (octane petro), THREE water vapor molecules are produced. Water vapor is (IIRC) about 8 to 10 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. So, if any "alarm" should be had, it should be over the amount of water vapor that is produced by burning car fuel. Yet, the screams we hear are about CO2. This is because those with an agenda--a malicious, wicked agenda, know that not a single rational human being would listen to them if they told us that we have to reduce the amount of water vapor that is in the air. Why? Because we would all say: "How do you plan on doing that given that almost 80% of the earth is covered with water." End of story. PaV
Jerry at 14, Those who are not that smart can afford to hire those who are. The ruling wealthy elite will do what it takes to keep their wealth. It is the peasants who usually suffer. Look at it this way: Do you think those worth millions or billions of dollars care if food or gas prices go up? They don't have to care. And most can afford to invest in financial "products" where they do not have to pay Federal, State or local taxes. The "idle rich" are still around. relatd
Two go to sources for climate nonsense going on are Francis Menton and Michael Shellenberger. Here is an article about the stupidity of climate elites by Francis Menton.
recurring theme here at Manhattan Contrarian is that the “smart” people who seek to run the world are not really very smart. They may have gotten high scores on the SATs, and they may have attended fancy universities, but when it comes to practical knowledge of how the world works they are often complete idiots
Like the German elite but stupid minister mentioned above. https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2023-2-21-rank-innumeracy-on-the-cost-of-electricity-from-renewables Shellenberger’s twitter site. https://mobile.twitter.com/ShellenbergerMD Everyone interested in climate change should read Alex Epstein’s Fossil Future. It documents how immoral are those advocating for climate control. jerry
Jerry at 12, Nothing dumb about your example. Phasing out nuclear power is needed since even in the U.S., there is no 'official' plan for storing it. So a country needs coal until the installation of more wind and solar? Again, what's the problem? Someone has to pay for all that. Meanwhile, the war in the Ukraine has created other difficulties. relatd
Just how dumb are the elites. Here’s one from Germany who said we need coal till we have enough wind and solar.
In 2014 the German federal minister wrote to the Swedish PM admitting to Germany’s continued need for coal because they were phasing out nuclear energy, & begging Sweden to continue investing in coal
https://twitter.com/ConradKnauer/status/1633132243165270016 jerry
PaV: What’s wrong with this equation for the burning of octane? The number of oxygen atoms? JVL
Jerry: There's still three months left for disaster to happen. Shall we bet on whether it comes or not? :) Some might be interested this article. The chart on this Wikiwand page is interesting. It is said by the supposedly informed that water vapor is less responsble for retaining IR energy than is CO2 because 'water vapor' has "windows." Look at the chart. Which has more "windows," CO2 or H2O? PaV
Jerry @8 The Top Climate Scientist™ was wrong too, surprisingly. Andrew asauber
Just to let everyone know how accurate Greta has been on climate
"A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years." https://gritpost.com/humans-extinct-climate-change/… 7:18 AM · Jun 21, 2018
https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg/status/1009757391515156480 jerry
"But, of course, that sounds ridiculous. And who would want, or think possible, humankind’s reducing of water vapor. " Don't underestimate the stupidity of the criminals in charge. Andrew asauber
From the link:
"That number may not sound like much, but add up all of that energy over the entire Earth surface and you find that water vapor is trapping a lot of energy," Dessler said. "We now think the water vapor feedback is extraordinarily strong, capable of doubling the warming due to carbon dioxide alone."
So, NASA says their data demonstrates that "water vapor feedback" is "capable of doubling the warming due to carbon dioxide alone," then we can see from the equation above that MORE water vapor is produced when engines burn gas (octane) than they do CO2. From this we should conclude that the greatest harm coming from the burning of fossil fuels is the production of water vapor! But, of course, that sounds ridiculous. And who would want, or think possible, humankind's reducing of water vapor. So, instead, the focus has disengenously been put on CO2. It is an entire scam--a $30 trillion scam that will keep poor countries poor; and make the very rich incredibly rich. Only the Devil could come up with this. PaV
Re: PaV's link @3 "Everyone agrees..." When you read the above, you can conclude the article is not necessarily completely scientific. Andrew asauber
Agreed that "global warming/climate change" is nothing more than a giant hoax, perpetrated to acquire political power. However. The 18 H2O just don't matter. It's several powers of 10 below the entire hydrological cycle. Lost in the noise so to speak. You might as well assume that we are using up our oxygen due to the 25 O2! Again overwhelmed by the sheer volume of O2 on the planet. CO2 on the other hand is a trace gas in the atmosphere. Theoretically we can effect the CO2 levels until you take into account the entire Carbon cycle then you find that just like with O2 and H2O the amount of CO2 that is generated by hydrocarbons is several powers of 10 below the entire volume of Carbon in the Carbon Cycle. This is why the warming comes first and then the CO2 levels in the atmosphere rise. It's not puny us changing the climate. Latemarch
You can look here for a very big clue. PaV
Thank you for trying, but, no, that's not the problem I see. PaV
Left out the heat energy over there on the right side. Latemarch

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