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Coffee!! Atheist blogger about to join Catholic Church

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Prediction: First there will be a huge uptick in abuse directed at her. Then a slight reduction in abuse overall (based on our experience here).

See “Atheist Blogger‘s Stunning Announcement That She’s Converting to Catholicism” (The Blaze, June 19, 2012) Anyway,

When I went to college, and started hanging out with a politics and philosophy debating group, I met smart Christians for the first time, and it was a real shock. My idea of a Christian was the Young Earth Creationists, and now I was meeting people who not only were converts to Russian Orthodoxy and math majors, but they thought the beauty of mathematics was evidence for God. I still thought my new friends were wrong about the existence of God, but I had to recognize I’d been pretty wrong why they believed what they did. And if I hadn’t really understood their arguments in the past, it was only prudent to give them a second hearing.

I was ready to cross-examine them, but there were some big gaps in my defense of my own positions. When a friend turned one of my own questions around on me and asked “What would convince you that Christianity was true?” I came up with bupkis. I realized I didn’t have a clear enough idea of what Christianity entailed to be able to imagine a world where it was true. I felt embarrassed and told my friends to take their best shot at convincing me.

And then I started dating one of these smart Christians. We knew that religion could be a pretty big impediment to our relationship …

Hmmm. A big impediment to any relationship is failure to listen, so now that we’ve got that under control,  … Also, it is a dangerous vanity to assume that the only reason people disagree with us is that they are stupid.  Not only might we be underestimating our opponents, but we might be overestimating our allies.

Prediction: One of these days she may run into a really smart young Earth creationist. They’re out there.

And that’s yer Religious Jaw fer the week.

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She was a guest on Michael Coren's "The Arena" last week. For my fellow Canadians, I highly recommend his show. Blue_Savannah
There's more to this story as it relates to many recent discussions here at UD. Her conversion was related to the inadequacies of her moral philosophy. "After the debate, I buttonholed a Christian friend for another argument. During the discussion, he prodded me on where I thought moral law came from in my metaphysics. I talked about morality as though it were some kind of Platonic form, remote from the plane that humans existed on. He wanted to know where the connection was." http://www.patheos.com/blogs/unequallyyoked/2012/06/this-is-my-last-post-for-the-patheos-atheist-portal.html CannuckianYankee

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