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Coffee!! Is a Politically Correct chatbot as bad as Twitter? Worse?


  From Mind Matters Today:

Many tweaks later, is Zo correct enough? Is everyone pleased? Well, maybe the digital teen is too Correct now. From Quartz, where Chloe Rose Stuart-Ulin has been checking in with Zo for over a year and finds her “sort of convincing,”speaking “fluent meme”:

But there’s a catch. In typical sibling style, Zo won’t be caught dead making the same mistakes as her sister. No politics, no Jews, no red-pill paranoia. Zo is politically correct to the worst possible extreme; mention any of her triggers, and she transforms into a judgmental little brat.

One wonders, what is the market potential for judgmental little brats? More.

See also: GIGO alert: AI can be racist and sexist, researchers complain Can the bias problem be addressed? Yes, but usually after someone gets upset about a specific instance.

Then, there is spybook/censorbook. 1 - 2 billion accounts. Alexa hears you and responds when you call her name so she must be listening all the time. Google search is ideologically loaded. Youtube is under de censors too. What to say about twitter, shadowbans and more? I suggest, network economics tends to big near monopolies. They need to be regulated in the public interest as utilities without ideological censorship. Protecting innocent reputation is one thing, censorship is another. And politically correct use of loaded terms like fake news is a big issue. BTW, if Windows is spy-dows, what about Office? (I have used Libre Office for years.) These are big news issues relevant to controversies like ID. Gotta run KF kairosfocus
...Zo also announced that Windows is spyware, ... Well, that's simply and objectively true of Win 10. It spends 50% of its time spying on you and 49.9% of its time updating its ability to spy on you. Occasionally it grants you one or two CPU ticks so you can do something worth spying on. Win 10 objectively destroys computers. Mine lasted 4 months before Win 10 ground the hard disk into failure. I returned to an old Win 7 computer and got my digital life back. If that's not malware, what is? polistra

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