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Coffee!!: Nature of Nature’s nearly impossible index

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The Nature of Nature: Examining the Role of Naturalism in Science

I wrote the index to Nature of Nature , a multilateral discussion of the issues around intelligent design (which originated in a conference that got Bill Dembski fired from Baylor while back.)

Hardest index I ever wrote, and I have written hundreds. What makes it  difficult is that – unlike with most books – the authors disagree about just about everything. So one can’t just identify indexable terms, one must actually read. Such a rare practice these days. I ended up just telling the publisher to be patient – as I would have to be – so I could get it right.

But that index should be good for the reader, to help identify sources for widely made assumptions. For example:


– fine-tuning dismissed (de Duve), 353
– fine-tuning doubted (Tooley), 882–83
– global tuning (Gonzalez), 623–25
– global vs. local tuning (Gonzalez), 602–3
– Many Worlds Hypothesis (MWH) (Craig), 911–12
– multiverse vs. fine-tuning, 485
– possible causes outlined (McMullin), 84–85
– string theory and fine-tuning (Gordon), 576–83
– Theory of Everything (TOE) (Craig), 910–12.
See also cosmology

Not many trolls have posted reviews at the ‘Zon yet. That can’t be because they haven’t read the book. Trolls don’t read; they just react. More likely, the book’s multipartisan nature scrambled the trolls’ polarity. They’re probably all clumped together somewhere, like a pile of fridge magnets.

MedsRex, Is it possible that the 'Zon techs have introduced algorithms into the search process that automatically delete non-reviews such as "I haven't read the book but ..." or "I would never read this book!"? ;) It would take the trolls a while to catch on. Alternatively, some may have complained to real 'Zon people. I mean, 16 one-star reviews in a row from "I haven't and wouldn't read the book" and friends: How ruddy useful is that? From the 'Zon's perspective, it's the person who offers the charge card number that's important, not the person with steam to let off. O'Leary
There was some troll activity masquerading as reviews not too long ago but those disappeared. Maybe because they consisted of arguments similar to: "These guys are stupid. I would never read this. One star!" MedsRex

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