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Comic Colbert berates Neil Tyson re Pluto


File:A small cup of coffee.JPGFrom The Verge, re Neil Tyson, heir apparent to Carl Sagan (Cosmos II) on the Pluto flyby.

After calling Pluto a malted milk ball left in the rain (ice cream is a theme in the video), Colbert introduces Tyson as one of the biggest Pluto demoters and proceeds to berate the astrophysicist for his lack of love for the dwarf planet. “It’s even got a heart, unlike you,” Colbert says. Tyson defends himself saying that he was only an “accessory” to Pluto’s demotion — an oft repeated claim of his.

Yet he’s not backing down on the status change.

Hmmm. Was Tyson’s opinion overrated, the way Carl Sagan’s always was? Would make sense. Would make sense. Hot vs. what? Wow! vs how?

Cheat sheet on Pluto.

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I'm sure Tyson played well for Colbert. However, my daughter discovered that he doesn't always play well with others. She attended a lecture he gave in Ohio -- she's a big fan -- and was shocked at his scathing, prolonged personal attack on a poor shlub who asked, "What is the speed of dark?" Tyson went into such a long-winded rant that a bunch of his fans waiting to ask questions never got the chance. And while the question might seem weird, the answer should be obvious. Since dark is the absence of light, the speed of dark is the speed of light. If the sun would suddenly disappear into a black hole, we wouldn't experience darkness for 9 minutes, as the sun is 9 light minutes away from Earth. As for my daughter, she still enjoys Tyson on TV. His personality is another matter. anthropic
OK, I just watched Colbert's clip on The Verge (first link). Hilarious. Well worth the 15 minutes. Tyson was also very good and played along well. Good stuff. Eric Anderson
Well, Tyson was at least right about this one. Pluto deserved to be demoted -- it was the right decision. Now if only we could get Tyson to stick to astronomy and astrophysics, instead of using his position to promote his beloved atheistic evangelism, religion bashing, and naturalistic evolution propaganda. Wishful thinking, I know . . . Eric Anderson
Glad you liked it, anthropic. daveS
Now that was funny! thanks, dave... anthropic
NDT vs. Pluto daveS

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