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The Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee of the Computational Intelligence Society recently recently drafted the following statement at its Montreal meeting (go here for the full report; note that the minutes of this meeting will eventually appear here):

Research in Evolutionary Computation studies phenomena from various fields including biology, psychology and the social sciences. The Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee anticipates that some publications under its auspices may incorporate statements regarding these phenomena. The committee will evaluate all such statements according to rigid and accepted scientific standards.

As I learned from a friend who was there when this statement was drafted, Gary Greenwood, the committee chair whose picture is at the bottom of the page from which this statement was lifted, explicitly stated that the new phrasing was in response to ID — still further proof that ID is advancing rigor and honesty in scientific inquiry!

The main thing about non-determinism is that non-determinism does not mean Darwinian. johnnyb
The phraseology is meant to imply that all discussion of ID in evolutionary computing is verboten, unless your view is counter-ID, of course. jaredl
"computational techniques that use non-deterministic methods to adapt their behavior over time" That's what programmers do - use non-deterministic methods to improve software over time. Thus we have Microsoft Word today with proportional spacing (much to Dan Rather's chagrin :-) ), multiple fonts, spell checking, grammar checking, and God only knows what all because I lost track of all its features where 25 years ago we only had Wordstar whose most advanced feature was search & replace and, my favorite Wordstar feature, column block moves. Rotsa ruck to the ECTC. It sounds to me like just another stupid restatement of the non-paradigmatic collosal snipe hunt for "expert systems" a couple decades ago. Periodcially old failed ideas are given new names and promoted as new ideas. Invariably a new name doesn't help and they fail all over again. DaveScot

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