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Conserved Noncoding Elements: More Contradictory Genetic Data

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Thousands of DNA segments have been found to be nearly identical across a wide range of species including human, mouse, rat, dog, chicken and fish. Evolutionary theory expected no such high similarity for species that are supposed to have been evolving independently for hundreds of millions of years. The only explanation could be a super strong functional constraint requiring the very unusual similarities, but none was found. Now new research is adding a twist to the story.   Read more

If a nervous system is set up in large part by similar or same nucleotide strands across and above the species level. And if these same setups are proven to have evolved from scratch independently, this is evidence for ID obviously. Evolution would have to find either: - a common ancestor in which all the organs were shared, which is impossible unless I'm wrong; - or they'd have to prove that there's only one way to build a nervous system, and it's with this nucleotide sequence. But an across the boards similarity involving phyla and genus etc would imply meta-information. That's my take anyways, good article. lamarck

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