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Convergent evolution: Separate development of the genetic patterns of intelligence?

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In “Dolphins, humans share ‘brainy’ genes” (Discovery News, 27 June 2012), Jennifer Viegas reports,

The new study, published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B, suggests that certain genetic features have led to the convergent evolution of large brains and complex cognition in a handful of species, including dolphins and humans.

“It has long been realised that dolphins rank among the most intelligent mammals, and they can do many things that great apes can do such as mirror self-recognition, communication, mimicry, and cultural transmission,” says lead author Michael McGowen, adding that dolphin brains are also “distinct and different.”

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Like we said, there is no “tree of intelligence.” We find it where we find it.

McGowen is a researcher in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Evolution at Detroit’s Wayne State University School of Medicine. He and colleagues Lawrence Grossman and Derek Wildman compared approximately 10,000 protein coding genes from the dolphin genome with comparable genes from nine other animals: a cow, horse, dog, mouse, human, elephant, opossum, platypus and chicken. Out of that group, cows are most closely related to dolphins. The two animals are separated by 70 million years of history, however.

Similarities immediately became evident between dolphins, humans and elephants. All are animals known for their big brains and intelligence.

Squid are said to be pretty smart too. If they share the genes supporting a slow molecular rate, we will really be on to something.

Meanwhile, note once again the significance of convergent evolution – not evolving toward but converging on – the same solution, despite no close “common descent” relationship: The development and use of intelligence, irrespective of species.

Smart dolphins:

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Yes, some researchers say, plants do talk to each other

Amen. Convergent evolution must be invoked for otherwise one would see a common design and designer. These are just dumb animals. The onlt thing they show is more use of their memory's. The memory is all of us is probably of the same power. Or perhaps the size of the brain is really just holding bigger memory;s. Yet this is not intelligence . Only people think because we were made like God somewhat. Animals don't think like a God or us. I think its been a common error to see memory as related to smartness. Memory is great in the retarded spectrum of people and I say is the actual problem. I welcome animals with great memory because they show memory is separate from thinking. We will think in the afterlife and with no brain. God does it already. Robert Byers

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