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Could we be living in a one-dimensional universe?

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File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Further to “Experiment to test whether we live in a 2-D hologram ,” Peter Zoeller-Greer kindly writes to say:

The analogy with the flat screen could be taken further: The 2-D pixels could easily put line by line one after the other and – you have a 1-D string per frame (indeed this is the way the information is transmitted, bit-by-bit).

So perhaps we all are just poor spaghettis…

That’s next year, Peter. In Edwin Abbott’s Flatland, (2nd ed, 1884), we read an imaginative account of a world that consists only of directional lines, perhaps what Dr. Zoeller-Greer has in mind:

His subjects–of whom the small Lines were men and the Points Women–were all alike confined in motion and eyesight to that single Straight Line, which was their World. It need scarcely be added that the whole of their horizon was limited to a Point; nor could any one ever see anything but a Point. Man, woman, child, thing–each as a Point to the eye of a Linelander. Only by the sound of the voice could sex or age be distinguished. Moreover, as each individual occupied the whole of the narrow path, so to speak, which constituted his Universe, and no one could move to the right or left to make way for passers by, it followed that no Linelander could ever pass another. Once neighbours, always neighbours. Neighbourhood with them was like marriage with us. Neighbours remained neighbours till death did them part.

Who knows, some small towns may seem like a 1-D hologram to their inhabitants.

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Damn Mung, I was going to say the same thing about arguments for creationism. You must be a mind reader. Acartia_bogart
That would explain why my high school pickup lines didn't work well -- there's no dimension to pick them up. anthropic
Given the number of one-dimensional critiques of ID I've seen I'd have to say it's a distinct possibility. Mung

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