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Courageous scientist thinks facts matter

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From ScienceDaily:

Key molecular process in brain is different in males and females

For 20 years, Woolley actively avoided studying sex differences in the brain until her own data showed her that differences between females and males were real. Her discovery, reported in 2012, that estrogens decreased inhibitory synaptic transmission in the brains of female rats but not in males, changed her thinking.

“We don’t know whether this finding will translate to humans or not,” Woolley said, “but right now people who are investigating endocannabinoids in humans probably are not aware that manipulating these molecules could have different effects in males and females.”

That’s especially important if one is seeking medical treatment for a disease.

“Being a scientist is about changing your mind in the face of new evidence,” Woolley said. “I had to change my mind in the face of this evidence.” More.

Well, for sure!: She isn’t an “aren’t I good?” girl who will remain Correct but never achieve any actual distinction. Maybe more like Lynn Margulis or Barbara McClintock or Mae-Wan Ho.

All which said, it is unclear what quantitative or qualitative differences such findings make when extrapolated to individual humans in specific situations. That is one good argument for an open society—against its many current competitors (progressivism, Islamism, etc.). When and how does it matter whether the person we are dealing with is male or female?

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sex differences in the brain always suggests superior/inferior intelligence between the sexes. when they do these studies. we do not think with our brain. so there are no differences between men/women intelligence. Its not in the wiring. We are made in gods image and the thinking is from the soul/heart. The mind , I think, is just a memory machine. There is no difference between our memories either. The rats never get it right. Its just details about other details of male/female bodies. These researchers are only;y courageous if they, as a option, include that the brain is not the source of thinking. By the way they always say males and females use different parts of the brain. I forget the words. Its a waste of money. Tell them to heal people other ways. Robert Byers

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