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Crackpot cosmology offers us a future worse than extinction

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Alien tripod by Alvim Corréa, 1906 French edition of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”

Based on Fermi’s Paradox (where are all the space aliens, if they exist?). From RT:

A Russian theoretical physicist has predicted a grim future for our civilization that “is even worse than extinction.”

Alexander Berezin, a highly-cited scientist from Russia’s National University of Electronic Technology Research, outlined his bleak prediction in an article entitled ‘First to enter, last to leave: a solution to Fermi’s paradox’.

He thinks that the aliens will try to eradicate all competition, including us, to fuel their own expansion and be the power in the universe.

While that dog-eat-dog theory may seem harsh, Berezin says total destruction of other life forms likely won’t be a conscious obliteration. “They simply [will] not realize, in the same way that a construction team demolishes an anthill to build a property because it has no incentives to protect it,” writes Berezin. More.

Maybe that’s what he means by the worst part. Not being an enemy jut a nuisance.

Here’s a thought: If theorists cannot contemplate the possibility that the reason we are not hearing from Them is that They are just not out there, they invent crazy theories.

If the term “denialism” weren’t already taken, it would certainly come in handy here.

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Are we getting desperate or what?: A “cosmic gorilla effect” could blind the detection of aliens?

How do we grapple with the idea that ET might not be out there?

If the worst came to the worst I would volunteer to be assimilated, since resistance would be futile. Seversky
OK, but this is a "who gets there first" kinda thing. If Humans get to Eden Beta before the Betans figure out how to make fire, let alone the Warp Drive, then Humans will quite likely wipe out the cute little Betans before we notice they're there or figure out how their ecology balances. But worrying about an unstoppable invasion by superior beings whose reaction to finding us swarming under the rocks is to apply liberal amounts of bug spray is a BIG waste of time. We're ALL going to die. The only question is "When", and the sub-question is "What have I done besides drink coffee and stare at a computer while I was alive?" So personally, my defense is "Well, yeah, but I also played with my grandchildren and changed their diapers." vmahuna

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