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Cultural evolution theories “challenged” by multiple dwelling cave


Recent information shows that different groups occupied Denisova Cave between 300,000 and 210,000 years ago. It sounds as though they all might have made objects that require symbolic thinking:

The suggestion Denisovans developed the Upper Paleolithic artifacts at the site bears on a hot topic in paleoanthropology: the origins of modern behavior and cognition. Once upon a time, archaeologists thought only H. sapiens made symbolic items such as jewelry and advanced technology such as standardized bone tools. Then discoveries in the 1970s ignited debate over whether Neandertals also might have invented such items. In recent years evidence has mounted in support of a more sophisticated Neandertal. For instance, last year researchers reported cave paintings in Spain pre-date the arrival of H. sapiens to the region by thousands of years and must therefore be Neandertals’ handiwork. Neandertals, however, are not the only archaic hominin species to show signs of advanced cognition: In 2015 archaeologists unveiled their discovery of a shell that was engraved with a geometric design some 500,000 years ago—long before the origin of modern humans or Neandertals—the implication being that an earlier human ancestor known from this time period, Homo erectus, must have been the designer. Kate Wong, “Cave That Housed Neandertals and Denisovans Challenges View of Cultural Evolution” at Scientific American

This kind of find is treated as problematic because it means that the missing link is still missing. Nobody is the subhuman. That;s not good needs for a Darwinian aproach to human evolution, in which someone must be the subhuman.

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In any Darwinian scheme, someone must be the subhuman. Otherwise, there is no beginning to human history.

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There is the STRONG suggestion that Homo Erectus was fully human, just like Neanderthals. There has only ever been 1 species of humans, and them is us. Cosmetic differences about the cheek bones and junk don't matter as much as the structure of the pelvis for upright, bipedal walking and the structure of the chest and shoulders. And of course the structure of a Human hand, which has both the Power Grip of the apes and the Precision Grip needed to write with a pen. The false identification of some humans as separate species has mostly to do with the Darwinian NEED for progressions showing descent with modification. But the fossil record shows that new species appear POOF!, fully formed and ready to go. Bats remain one of my favorites: the ONLY example of mammalian flight (not floundering through the air, but virtuoso, turn on a dime, aerobatics), echo location good enough to catch mosquitoes in total darkness, and of course figuring out an efficient way to poop whilst hanging by your toes. All the features in the product specification fully functional in the first version. Even here in the Buck Rogers, super whizz-bang 21st century, DoD can't do THAT. vmahuna
25M to 10k YA (The ice ages) so including this 200-300k YA was RCCF framework calibrated for the strongest science in max avail. context between 1657 and 1996 anno Mundi as The ice ages set in cause and effect due to the 1656 anno mundi 'Mabul' mass extinction event impacts year aka the global flood year by Noach (Noah). Note the greater genetic diversity one would predict/expect using the principle behind 'founder effect' as explained and referenced in: the Moshe Emes series Recent Complex Creation Framework www.amazon.com/dp/B077Q4KB9V Pearlman

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