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Culture of Darwinism: He is their “homeboy” now?


A tee shirt for Dad proclaims Darwin is my homeboy:


1 slang : a boy or man from one’s neighborhood, hometown, or region broadly : a male friend

2 slang

a : a boy or man who is a member of one’s peer group

b : a member of one’s gang

3 slang : an inner-city youth “homeboyMerriam-Webster

A close friend.

Originally used among transplanted African-Americans with Southern roots to refer to and aid in the assimilation of someone who might have directly migrated from a common Southern home town or is otherwise well known to the person using the term.

Used to establish a mutual relationship between the invidividual using the term, the person described by it, and a third person.homeboy” at Urban Dictionary

Reality check: Darwin was homeboy to the rich and famous, not to the inner city, and his early followers imported their prejudices into biology, not the inner city’s prejudices. See, for example, Do racial assumptions prevent recognizing Homo erectus as fully human?


Was Neanderthal man fully human? The role racism played in assessing the evidence

Okay, wear the shirt if you want. We have to hope the world knows what it really means though.

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