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Darwinian Christian racism? Election years bring dangerous creatures from the shadows


Darwinian Christian racism? Election years bring dangerous creatures from the shadows

From Denyse O’Leary (O’Leary for News) at MercatorNet:

Just recently, one Russell Kirk (probably a pseudonym*) blind-copied me on a post to “oxfordchristia” to advise me that

Many younger Bible-centered conservative Christians have declared war on Christian Cultural Marxism.

At first I thought, well, if young Christians want to live, they had better learn the difference between friends and foes, between life and death. But then,

What is human biodiversity? Many younger, high IQ Christians have become very interested in human biodiversity. Modern studies in population genetics are showing that there are many differences in human populations. For example, Europeans about 8,000 years ago developed genes lactose tolerance that drastically changed their culture.

“Human biodiversity” is a code phrase for racism based on Darwinian thinking. And one problem is that, for that reason, it is difficult to confront Darwin is Cool among the very people who claim to oppose racism more strongly than others:

One complexity that prevents attack is that alt right supporters base their claims in large part on explicitly Darwinian evolution (survival of the fittest). They think they are more fit than persons of other races. Darwinian evolution is Cool and, in many places, mandated for the schools. Addressing the alt right would require addressing the way in which Darwinism has helped continue racism in public life.

Whoever wins the U.S. election Tuesday, confronting Darwinism won’t be easy.

Darwinism has only recently begun to be challenged in the sciences, particularly by the Royal Society in Britain, which is holding a major meeting, November 7-9, on rethinking evolution in the light of modern genetics. A serious challenge will probably outlast the election cycle, and it may be crucial for disempowering the alt right. More.

See also: Fighting over wives: Darwinism fits human conflicts into mold, chops off what doesn’t fit. Reality: She will provoke the fight, and even if her husband wins, she goes with the loser of the fight because she doesn’t want to be with her husband anymore.”

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