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Darwin’s in the schools, and Satan’s back in Kansas


Shoo, fly, shoo!

In “Jack Wu, Kansas Board Of Education Candidate, Calls Evolution ‘Satanic Lies’” (The Huffington Post, 06/26/2012), Gregory Kristof reports,

Science and religion are once again pitted against each other — this time in a Kansas Board of Education race in which one candidate, Jack Wu, has called evolution “Satanic lies.”

Wu, who also attends, but is not an official member of, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, is running for the Board of Education in the 4th District against Democratic incumbent Carolyn Campbell. The church is known for anti-gay protests around the world.

“Anti-gay protests” is a polite way of explaining the group’s usual activities

Wu, “just a friendly little guy,” allows us to know that “his mission is to ‘make a difference in this evil city of Topeka and this perverse state of Kansas.’”

Excellent! It’s heartening when religious groups or people identify a mission that they can easily accomplish instead of the usual woolly, save-the-world goals.

Westboro Baptist Church, your key to improving the state is obvious: Just shut down. And shut up.

Mr. Wu, resign your candidacy. If that is the way you feel about your city and state, you’ve no business running for office. Nor should you wish to.

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