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Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne has begun to worry about Wokeness


That’s like the cat noticing the coyote in the evening shadows:

But violence, looting, and rioting aren’t the main things I worry about. I worry about Wokeness. And yes, while Trump has leveraged Wokeness to his advantage, I am not at all sure that a Biden victory will stop the rot spreading rightwards from the extreme Left. Biden has disavowed violence, but, malleable as he is, can he resist the pressures of the Authoritarian Left, with the fear that he might be called a racist?

Jerry Coyne, “Yes, wokeness drove people to Trump. But will it decrease under Biden?” at Why Evolution Is True

Well, if even Jerry Coyne has noticed, we are perhaps headed for a Perfect Storm of Wokeness.

All these in a short piece: "I worry about Wokeness", "the rot spreading". "the extreme Left", :Biden ... malleable as he is", "the Authoritarian Left". Wow, maybe there is hope for Coyne yet? Fasteddious
Unfortunately he DOESN’T understand that “Trump” and “Biden” are two interchangeable nametags for the same puppet.
That 's why Trump was attacked nonstop by massmedia ( 90% democrat propaganda machine) and Biden (and Hunter) protected? Sandy
Coyne has been hitting back at the genderites for quite a while now. He didn't just begin. Unfortunately he DOESN'T understand that "Trump" and "Biden" are two interchangeable nametags for the same puppet. polistra
Wellllllll Coyne the last I checked they made the only choices they could have so just sit back and enjoy the ride AaronS1978

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