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David Berlinski calls Steve Meyer’s book “impressive,” not “definitive”

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Darwin's Doubt

On this episode of ID the Future, CSC Senior Fellow Dr. David Berlinski talks about his views on the debate over Darwinian evolution and intelligent design with Research Coordinator Casey Luskin. Berlinski discusses the “almost reflexive dogmatic reaction” of the Darwin community to Stephen Meyer’s argument for intelligent design in Darwin’s Doubt, and explains why cladistic analysis doesn’t solve the Cambrian mystery.


Says “cladistic analysis” doesn’t solve the Cambrian mystery.

(The molecular clock doesn’t keep time either.)

Berlinski’s articles here.

Hat tip: Phillip Cunningham

This book has made a great impact beyond the consent of a few evolutionist reviewers . It adds a great deal of fear to the whole establishment of evolutionism. They all must respond and dismiss it because left alone its a threat. They can't win. Evolution is a wrong and dumb idea from the old ones. Yes grouping creatures/biology is not going to figure out relationships. This because who says the traits group anyone. A God would give like traits for like needs. Marsupials are grouped together because of minor trait coherence AND not grouped with other placental look alikes with major trait coherence. Finally eVERYBODY fossils are only data points and the connections are not fossilized. so its not a biological investigation on any account. Its speculation using data points. There is a logic flaw sin with all. Robert Byers

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