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David Berlinski Interviewed by Greg Koukl


Yesterday, David Berlinski was interviewed on KBRT radio by Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason. This is one of the best interviews with David I’ve ever heard. Greg is extremely sharp and articulate, and really knows his stuff concerning ID.

You can stream the MP3 here. The Berlinski interview begins at 1:52:05.

For those having trouble finding the file or having trouble getting it to play you might try subscribing to the podcast via iTunes. I've done this and also got access to an interview with Stephen Meyers! ellazimm
Berceuse, "And I would LOVE to see this man debate Richard Dawkins." Me too. Clive Hayden
Giles, It didn't play for me either, even using VLC which will generally play everything you can throw at it. I'm on Linux and am using Movie Player which plays it fine. Try another player. It's good to have a few different players available on your system for just these instances. Good luck. Brent
Ever since I saw Expelled I've been extremely impressed by David Berlinski. I'm eager to read this book. And I would LOVE to see this man debate Richard Dawkins Berceuse
Grr - it doesn't play for me. I have even located where the actual mp3 is supposed to be and it's not there! Anyone know what the problem could be? Giles
I wonder how much an autographed copy of 'Principia' would go for. Though, I'm not even sure autographed literature was even a thing of interest in Newton's day. I do have an autographed copy of 'The Art of Deception' by Kevin Mitnick. He's was formerly an FBI's most wanted for computer hacking. Did his time. He was at San Diego Technical Book Store. He wasn't even allowed to touch a computer...that sucks. JGuy
$600 a copy!!! Geez...I have an autographed copy of "Delusion" myself, as well as autographed copies of "Newton's Gift" and "Infinite Acsent". Who knew? (I did) Upright BiPed
Is Greg trying to interview David, or show David how smart he is himself? Cutting David off and trying to complete his sentences is getting REALLY tiring, really fast. Greg if you're reading this, it comes across as very disrespectful. Gods iPod
Gil, This is off topic and you may want to delete this entry. You said before that you attend Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. Can I get your email address? A group I support, the San Fernando Valley Bible-Science Association, may like to invite you to speak. bb
Greg comments to David, that as a secular Jew, David is not particularly religious. I found David's response to be interesting. He repeated, "Not yet." For those who listened to the interview, you learned that the original hardcover edition of The Devil's Delusion has been offered at Ebay for as much as $600. I not only have a copy, I have an autographed copy. I'll start the bidding at $1,000. (Just kidding. It's not for sale.) I met David at Biola University shortly after the first edition came out. We chatted in both English and French. Interestingly, his parents were classical musicians (concert pianists). I always say, "Anyone who plays Chopin can't be all bad!" :-) GilDodgen
http://www.strcast2.org/podcast/weekly/101809.mp3 ShawnBoy
It can be downloaded as well: LINK (Right Click + Save, 38.5MB) ShawnBoy

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