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David Gelernter in a more accustomed role… asking rude questions about Facebook’s $billions

David Gelernter, by Doc Searls (Flickr: 2010_08_05_techonomy_154) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve all heard lots about David Gelernter resigning from the academic elite Darwin Club (and giving up hundreds of thousands of social brownie points… oh my) In his regular work life as a tech genius, he says some other things we might want to listen to:

David Gelernter: People should not be in the position of having their data taken — it’s not exactly a theft, but — in an underhanded way or by subterfuge, people log onto Facebook and feel that any transaction with Facebook is between them and the software and friends, the software being an anonymous source that doesn’t do anything, make money, or do anything nasty. But, needless to say, and as everybody knows who thinks about it, Facebook is in a position to make huge amounts of money by taking these enormous caches of data and selling them.

And every company that advertises, every company that sells a product, every company that provides a service, wants to know—you know, who lives in this country, who lives where I live, what is their income and what are they buying, and stuff like that. Facebook knows an awful lot of that. Their knowledge is often current, it’s often extensive, it’s often deep and wide, so of course, they’re in a position to clean up. And it seems to us that the huge sums that Facebook is in a position to control and the power that comes with that position, being a font of users’ contributions. … But why is it so valuable? Because we have all given it our information. It just seems to us that if this information makes Facebook such a huge amount of money, why don’t we make some of the money… we, meaning the users?

Facebook gets rich off what we tell our friends” at Mind Matters News

Well, think about it, anyway.

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You think you have nothing to hide? Then why are Big Tech moguls making billions from what you and others tell them? (Russ White) Your phone knows everything now. And it is selling your secrets

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