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David Tyler on the significance of David Gelernter dumping Darwin

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And getting away with it:

He knows he is challenging the origins story that is taught as science throughout the world. Gelernter has come to realise that Darwinism has been incorporated into a mindset which goes far beyond science and equates with a religious worldview. As such, he writes: ‘This is one of the most important intellectual issues of modern times, and every thinking person has the right and duty to judge for himself’.

Gelernter acknowledges that he has been greatly influenced by three books. In particular, ‘Stephen Meyer’s thoughtful and meticulous Darwin’s Doubt (2013) convinced me that Darwin has failed’. Whatever Darwin’s mechanism can explain, and he does acknowledge that it is a ‘brilliant and beautiful theory’, ‘he cannot answer the big question’ of the origin of life’s diversity. Stephen Meyer’s book is a game-changer: ‘Darwin’s Doubt is one of the most important books in a generation. Few open-minded people will finish it with their faith in Darwin intact’.

David Tyler, “Darwinism may be a ‘brilliant and beautiful theory’, but it is also profoundly wrong” at Evangelical Times

It will be interesting to see whether Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt has as much influence in years to come as Phillip Johnson’s Darwin on Trial.

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