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Dawkins and “The Root of all Evil”

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For those who haven’t seen it, check out this episode of The Root of all Evil.

Note the editorial comments about the persecution of the “rational atheist minority,” Christian fascism, atheists suffering career damage, and the McCarthy era.

What irony.

There is a real irony in Dawkins's presentation style. Some time ago, Dawkins recounted being interviewed by some group from Australia. Dawkins complained that in the televised version of the interview, the tape had been edited to make it appear that he had no answer to the question "Dr. Dawkins, can you give one example of evolution causing an increase information?" The complaint was that on the edited televised version, whoever did the program showed Dr. Dawkins looking off into space for a several seconds before rambling on to some irrelevant answer. see: http://www.skeptics.com.au/journal/1998/4_response.pdf (I guess you can decide for youself who to believe) Now, here comes Richard producing his own highly biased and highly edited tape the sole purpose of which is to put Religion in general and Christianity in particular in the worst light possible. I guess if HE does it its okay! DonaldM
So it wasn't a delusion afterall. I thought it might have been a glitch in the Matrix. Thanks Scott, for the clearification, now I can sleep better. :-) tb
https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/index.php/archives/872 :) Scott
The God delusion is it? I think this was posted some time ago here at this blog, but it might have been a delusion. :) I got a good laught out of it! tb
"If you want religion to change, you gotta do it from the inside man." Careful, though! Once you get inside, it could change you. :-) Lutepisc
Yea, thanks Dawkins. Kicking at ant hills again. I find it ironic that the guy who got the "meme" meme rolling doesn't really quite understand how to deliver his memes in a diplomatic manner. His memes work more like a flu shot. He gives an injection for all the religious to see, and together they form a unified defense. Seriously, I think every Christian person in America knows who Dawkins is, and they have such an apologetic defense against his ideas that no one is ever going to sit down and be open minded to anything he has to say. If you want religion to change, you gotta do it from the inside man. Fross Fross
Umm... Richard, a little tip from one of those ID believing crazed fanatical Christian extremists... When you shoot yourself in the foot, don't use an automatic. Shane

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