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Detroit Free Press on ID

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COMMENT: Intelligent design focuses on evidence, fills in origin gaps

October 10, 2005


Dover, Pa., finds itself in the national spotlight as the putative successor to Dayton, Tenn., the rural community where the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial played out on the national stage. . . .

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5 Replies to “Detroit Free Press on ID

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    Bombadill says:





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    Econman says:

    Great explanation of the distinction between ID and Darwinism, religion, and creationism; it would be great if these differences were drawn much more frequently in the mass media.

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    crandaddy says:

    “the theory of evolution requires that a student affirm the creed that there is no God.”

    This statement is not completely true; take the example of Ken Miller. Nevertheless, this is still an outstanding article. Mr. Fahling obviously has his head screwed on straight!


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    jaredl says:

    Ken Miller has not shown me to my satisfaction how orthodox Darwinism can be reconciled with any variant of Christianity. “Non-telic processes originated life” cannot be reconciled with “Telic processes originated life.” It’s just that simple.

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