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Dhimmi for Darwin no more!

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Okay, I have probably got myself into a peck of trouble by deciding to just say what I think about Darwinism and Evolution Sunday and all that.

I used to be tremendously polite to senior clergy, teachers, and opinion leaders who know that you must obey the system and say nice things about Darwin, whether or not it follows traditional religion or otherwise makes any sense. But I cannot even pretend to make excuses for them any more.

I have decided to stop being a dhimmi for Darwin. I will no longer support or promote any excuse whatever about the havoc that the Darwinists have wrecked on our society, which they are celebrating this year and next year.

I’ve explained it all here. And the “hrcs” can come and get me too, any time. Given that they got Mark Steyn and Canada’s oldest magazine, Maclean’s, they can certainly get me. That’s just how things are now. It costs something to have a mind.

For more, go here.

"I have often soft-pedalled... But it wasn't the right answer. And I knew it wasn't. So here is what I really think..." - O'Leary Gives new meaning to the phrase, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." Go get 'em, Denyse. May God go before you, Psalm 68:1; Numbers 10:35. Gerry Rzeppa

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