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Does chaos make a multiverse unnecessary?

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From Noson F. Yanofsky at Nautilus:

The universe is so structured and orderly that we compare it to the most complicated and exact contraptions of the age. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the universe was compared to a perfectly working clock or watch. Philosophers then discussed the Watchmaker. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the most complicated object is a computer. The universe is compared to a perfectly working supercomputer. Researchers ask how this computer got its programming.

How does one explain all this structure? Why do the laws seem so perfect for producing life and why are they expressed in such exact mathematical language? Is the universe really as structured as it seems? More.

Not if you want to get invited to the right parties.

If the structure that we see is illusory and comes about from the way we look at certain phenomena, then why do we see this illusion? Instead of looking at the laws of nature that are formulated by scientists, we have to look at scientists and the way they pick out (subsets of phenomena and their concomitant) laws of nature. What is it about human beings that renders us so good at being sieves? Rather than looking at the universe, we should look at the way we look at the universe.

Look at a road to reality? Make evidence matter again?

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. “Science predicts only the predictable,
ignoring most of our chaotic universe.”

The Science Delusion yikes. The laws and constants that underpin the theory of climate change are figments of over active and directed imagination. ppolish
What is it about humans that renders us such good sieves? Same thing that causes us to discover simpler laws before more complex ones: because the simpler ones are the first ones we can comprehend. As finite beings, we have to start with the most basic and claw our way up from there. In fact, as finite beings, we should realize that there may always be aspects of God's universe that are beyond us. That's not to say it's all chaos--just that we humans may never get there. EDTA
Yes, airplanes fly because I only filter out the portion of reality where the airplane is flying. Brilliant scientist wins again. EricMH

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