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Dreams are really about Darwinian reproductive fitness?

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Says some evo psych prof:

Of course, for absolute proof that dreams are a linchpin of reproductive fitness we must show enhanced fertility in those who dream more. The experiment would be massive, requiring we correlate variations in fertility rates across large numbers of dreamers from many different cultures to eliminate competing explanations. That study has begun, with help from dreamboard.com, an app that aims to help users record and understand their dreams and contains more than 200,000 dreams from people all over the world. Several thousand dreams are added to the site every couple of weeks.

There was a time when “science” expected its practitioners to actually do the experiment first and also to not use only a self-selected population of true believers.

Stories like this rely, among other things, on a reader group that knows the Darwinian terms of art like “reproductive fitness.” And not much else.

Us rubes and yokels would just ask, is he saying that people who dream more have more kids?

It’s hard to see how it could possibly be demonstrated, but one thing’s for sure: People who have lots of kids don’t have much time to sleep. So maybe they dream while making lunches and folding laundry when half asleep? Figures.

What’s encouraging is that the very first comment is “Wow – combining the worst of pseudoscience – Freudianism, Evolutionary Psychology, and schlock neuroscience – all in one non-falsifiable meta-theory … ”It is met by a predictable “yer just promoting a religion” response when an apparent third party comes in saying

… what he means is that evolutionary-psych speculation like the above article is schlock science because all it amounts to in this here (and in many but not all cases) is an untestable just-so story, and an implausible one at that. Not every aspect of human existence – cultural or biological – has a selection-enhancing effect.

Yes, exactly. That’s just what all critics of evo psych have been saying, ever since evo pscyh replaced that high-priced shrink with the German accent with Ooga! Ooga! shrieking in the trees.

The shrink was better art, among other things. One of the less tacky aspects of popular culture.

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Barb. It could only be that dreams are entirely using the memory otherwise you would be creating your animals out of pure imagination. UNRELATed to real biological relaties that you already know about. Your animals are real or twists of what you have in your memory. It could only be this way. Daydreaming can be done when almost half asleep yet one is still controlling the story. So its half dreaming. yet it shows what happens when fully dreaming. its just using our memory to make a story. When knocked out IT simply doesn't need such control bUT its the same mechanism. Dreams show we are souls using our memories . Dreaming is not a mystery however in a society insisting we are just brains they do make the mistake of seeing dreams as another species of conscience. Robert Byers
Robert writes,
Dreams are simply us using our memory while knocked out.
Not necessarily. I've had dreams of being chased by animals and, to my knowledge, that's never happened in real life.
Daydreaming, which also is when we are almost asleep, is just a lesser form of dreaming. Its no mystery.
Daydreaming occurs when your wide awake. Your mind wanders from the subject at hand. Barb
its absurd to collect dreams. They turn minor things into doors into big things. Dreams are simply us using our memory while knocked out. in fact it might be evidence the soul is not asleep but only interfered with by memory suppression. Daydreaming, which also is when we are almost asleep, is just a lesser form of dreaming. Its no mystery. Its just memory use. In fact another thread on this forum talked about colour being entirely not of the real world but a invention of our mind. so since our dreams are in colour and accurate shapes it could only mean its about the memory as when dreaming we are not using our sight in reality. Thats analysis. Robert Byers
A childrens prayer....guided Evolution As I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And if I have some kids one day I promise to show them the Way. ppolish
Religious family sizes are larger than Secular family sizes. Therefore Religious sapiens dream better. Why do Religious sspiens dream better? Why did ancient prophets dream the best? http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/brainiac/2012/05/demography_and.mobile.html ppolish
Based on family sizes, Catholic's are on average big dreamers? ppolish
Let's suppose for arguments sake that they find a clear trend and people who dream more really do have more children, what would that actually explain? Karl Popper would be turning in his grave! aqeels

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