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Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen Meyer on his new book


Steve Meyer has a new book coming out, The Return of the God Hypothesis (HarperOne, 2021).


and a video interview from 2019 on the same theme as well:

Here’s a paper. Meyer wrote, with the same name:

Abstract: Historian of science Frederic Burnham has stated that the God hypothesis is now a more respectable hypothesis than at any time in the last one hundred years. This essay explores recent evidence from cosmology, physics, and biology, which provides epistemological support, though not proof, for belief in God as conceived by a theistic worldview. It develops a notion of epistemological support based upon explanatory power, rather than just deductive entailment. It also evaluates the explanatory power of theism and its main metaphysical competitors with respect to several classes of scientific evidence. The conclusion follows that theism explains a wide ensemble of metaphysically-significant evidences more adequately and comprehensively than other major worldviews or metaphysical systems. Thus, unlike much recent scholarship that characterizes science as either conflicting with theistic belief or entirely neutral with respect to it, this essay concludes that scientific evidence actually supports such belief.

Note: At some point, a free excerpt will be available. We’ll post a link to that too.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham


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