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Even our neurons’ axons are like smart PCs

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If you want to see your brain in electronic terms, you should picture it as the biggest network imaginable. It’s widely accepted that each neuron in our bodies is complex enough to be something like a little computer. Neurons are considered “pretty weird” on that account:

“Unlike their blobby brethren, neurons have distinct regions. There’s the cell body, home to the nucleus. Then come the axons and dendrites, the signal-carrying and signal-receiving parts of the neuron that send long, spindly arms to form connections, called synapses, with other neurons. “

Harvard Medical School, “Once seen as nerve cells’ foot soldier, the axon emerges as decision-maker” at ScienceDaily

But the system turns out to be “far more complex than once thought” because, contrary to expectations, far-flung regions (thousands of cell body widths from their nucleus) can even make independent decisions: More.

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The brain exceeds the most powerful computers in efficiency. Eric Holloway: Human thinking takes vastly less computational effort to arrive at the same conclusions

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Here’s another evidence showing that evolution is true: “Now research led by investigators at Harvard Medical School and Harvard University's HMS-FAS Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology suggests that parts of the neuron are far more complex than once thought. The team's findings, described Jan. 17 in Nature, add yet another twist in the ever-evolving understanding of the nerve cells that make up our brains.” As we can see in the quoted text, even our understanding evolves -with the unfortunate exception of the Darwin’s fans club members, whose understanding apparently got petrified in the Jurassic Park and hasn’t evolved since. :) Emphasis added. PeterA
Wow! It’s really amazing what Darwinian evolution can achieve. jawa

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