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Everybody believes in intelligent design where money is concerned

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From a Finnish news site:

First, the man played at the Casino for a couple of days. During that time, he secretly took video footage of the spinning of the objects in the slot machine. After filming, the man sent the video files to another person using the Telegram application.

A FEW days later, the man returned to the Casino, playing on two slot machines for several hours a day for less than a week.

The court found it clear that the man’s 189-252 percent return winning percentages per day from the Gaming machines were not normal. No technical fault or other malfunction was found in the operation of the Gaming machines, which could have explained the exceptionally high return rate. – Niko Beach, February 21, 2023

Yes, the lucky gambler was given a conditional sentence — he must pay back the 33k euros.

A smarter operator might have appealed to all the things that Darwinians say have just happened randomly to escape conviction for manipulating the slot machines.

So you are not allowed to win a tidy sum at gambling by using your brain? Is it illegal to video record slot machines? Is it illegal to analyse a video recording? I suppose this is like card counting in black jack? Perhaps the guy should have settled for only 160% return? Or maybe he should have stopped at 25,000 Euros? One wonders if the court would suggest a level that would pass muster as "fair", or the acceptable limit of "normal"? If he had lost 33,000 Euros, would that have been "normal"? I'm glad I never got into gambling. Fasteddious
"Everybody Believes In Intelligent Design Where Money Is Concerned" haha ... exactly .... this is an excellent point. Now let's imagine, that Richard Dawkins is the owner of that casino. Now imagine an aftermath interview with Dawkins where he is passionately complaining about how he got robbed by a guy with a video camera ... now imagine, how is Dawkins arguing, that there is a ZERO chance of making "189-252 percent return winning percentages per day" by CHANCE ... :))))))))))))))))))) PS: I hear Seversky saying, "but this can't be compared to biology ... " ... yes, I agree... what happened in biology is way way way way more unlikely ... but we are the stupid ones :))))))) martin_r

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