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Evolution in the light of intelligent design


I just put up an alphabetized list of topics covered by British physicist David Tyler, who blogs on a number of issues raised in the science literature that impact the intelligent design controversy – along with some of my own compilations (animations of life inside the cell, columnists discussing the issues, et cetera.).

This is a one-stop shop if you are trying to track down information in the growing controversy, that is written from a design perspective.

Here are some examples of items you might want to look up:

Animal evolution (Tyler) multicellular animals and need for complex information

Cambrian era (Tyler) Ancestors largely missing

Cambrian era(Tyler) Comb jellies well developed

Cell development (Tyler) and complex specified information

Chimpanzees(Tyler) Common ancestor with humans – dating disputes

Chimpanzees(Tyler) Tool use of late Stone Age chimps and evidence of design, intelligent causation

Go here for the rest.


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