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Evolution Professor: “The Tree is All Wrong”

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When Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution in 1859 there were many scientific problems with the idea. Today, a century and a half later, we know of a great many more empirical challenges to the idea that the species arose spontaneously. The latest falsified expectation is that microRNAs, discovered only a few decades ago, when compared between different species do not align with the evolutionary tree. Evolutionist Kevin Peterson and colleagues are pursuing this research. “I’ve looked at thousands of microRNA genes,” explains Peterson, “and I can’t find a single example that would support the traditional tree.”  Read more

Score another one for Message Theory:
The central claims of the theory are simple and plausible: Life was reasonably designed for survival, and to convey a message that tells where life came from. The message can be described in two parts: 1.Life was designed to look like the product of a single designer. 2.Life was designed to resist all other explanations. In other words, evolutionary theory helped shape the pattern of life — with a reverse impact. Life was intricately designed to resist all evolutionary explanations, not just Darwin's or Lamarck's.
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