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Evolutionary Informatics Lab- a look inside …

The Evolutionary Informatics Lab - Evolutionary Simultations and Investigation

Bob Marks (that Baylor engineering prof whose dean took his Web site off the campus server because, as his journal articles later showed, he has evidence against Darwinism) was interviewed by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society History Committee: Here’s the vid, and he talks about him and he talks about the EvoInfo lab and Bill Dembski at about 8:30.

Guess IEEE’ll soon be hearing from Darwin’s enforcers. Wonder if they’ll develop a policy, Emory-style, never to interview anyone again who might make those guys uncomfortable?

Seriously, Darwin’s thugs even forced the great Karl Popper to recant his doubts. He took it back in old age, but too late to enjoy the honour of assisting their further targets.

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Today I was informed that the paper "The Search for a Search" was appended by a errata section. I see that this has had an instantaneous effect on the home-page of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab: the link to the sub-page errata disappeared during the last few days (I still found it in the google-cache of May 19 2012!). DiEb
OT but pertaining to biological information: Bit by Bit: The Darwinian Basis of Life Joe
Darwinists already have issues with IEEE- ya see IEEE is all about standards and when using standards to design it leads to some degree of a common design. And that is what we observe with living organisms- some degree of common design. Joe

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