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Evolutionist PZ Myers is Now Saying That The Gorilla Genome Contradicts Creationism

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Remember all those unique human hearing genes that evolutionists said must have undergone “accelerated” evolution because of human language, but then similar genes showed up in the gorilla too? Evolutionists had to conclude that not only was there accelerated evolution, but amazingly it must have occurred in parallel, in both the human and gorilla lineages. So if human language was the reason for the accelerated evolution in the human lineage, the cause in the gorilla lineage was “entirely different, but as-yet-unknown.”  Read more

Googling for PZ Myers in 20 years: Did you mean: Oscar Mayer nullasalus
Historically? I'd bet a sawbuck to a doughnut that within twenty years, if he is remembered at all, he'll be primarily remembered as a blowhard. jstanley01
Who is Pee Zee Myers and why should I care about him? mike1962

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