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Facial Recognition Aids Persecution of Chinese Christians, Muslims

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The crackdown on religion is said to stem from Xi Jinping, who became President in 2012. After he got term limits removed in March 2018, some have begun to privately call him “Emperor Xi”:

Pastor Bob Fu, a Chinese civil rights activist since Tiananmen Square in 1989 and founder of ChinaAid, reports that facial recognition technology is being used to discourage churchgoing in China:

“The government-sanctioned churches that are allowed to exist right now have unique restrictions. Each church has to install a facial-recognition camera in front of the pulpit. The purpose is to identify certain people in the congregation.”

Christians are treated with special wariness because they are associated with Western political values but, as Shepherd points out, there are severe persecutions of Muslims in China as well:

“The Chinese government regime has designed special headphones for the Uyghurs [Muslims of Chinese descent] to wear. They have to have them on seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It broadcasts the Communist Party songs to brainwash them. After three days of hearing this nonstop, how could you bear that? Many have gone crazy.” More.Facial Recognition Aids Persecution of Chinese Christians, Muslims” at Mind Matters

Western companies still seek business ties with an increasingly authoritarian regime

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Is the Future of Work Relentlessly Urban? Amazon’s new combined New York and Washington headquarters may provide an unintended test (Some wonder if one of the real attractions is that New York and Washington feature a greater proportion of childless, religion-free workaholics. But is that the draw it might have been at one time?)

The idea of two different locations would likely be unworkable apart from the internet. But some wonder if Amazon has grasped all the implications of the internet.

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    This is a chilling article.
    I’ve written several articles on my blog related to the technology of facial recognition. Here is a snippet of my most recent article:

    ” … I’ve come across an interesting article in the Journal of Cyber Security and Information Systems at, with the interesting — and just a bit scary — title “Enduring, Fleeting, Future: A brief overview of current sentiment and emotional analysis, a look forward.” This article appears to make the case for researchers seeking out designs in nature in order to design and build “people designed” capabilities of a similar sort. In this case, the problem being targeted is Artificial Intelligence (AI), seeking to recognize and identify particular human emotions of sentiment and emotion, as well as, I suppose, identify one particular face among the many billions of faces throughout the world. … ”

    The full article is at:

    Earlier I wrote an article that was promoted to headline status here at UD:

    The OP and both of my articles, it seems to me, are related to the very scary and approaching capability of a tyrannical government to spy on populations in ways unimaginable in the days of the KGB and the Gestapo.

    Comments anyone?

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