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Fantastic Experiment Shows Bird Formations Contradict Evolution


When aircraft fly the air pressure on the underside of the wing is greater than on the topside. This pressure difference provides the needed lift force on the wings. It also causes the air at the end of the wing to move upward and then around in a circle, resulting in a strong vortex that trails the wing tips as the aircraft flies (see photo). Birds also have trailing vortices but they are far more complex given the complicated shape of the wing and the bird’s flapping motion. And so while it is tempting to think that the familiar V-formation used by migrating birds is for aerodynamic efficiency, evolutionists have long since been skeptical because of the tremendous precision that would be required for birds to take advantage of the complicated aerodynamic environment. Perhaps, evolutionists thought, the formations were used simply to follow leader, or for protection from predators. But afantastic new study—using miniature sensor packages consisting of a satellite GPS receiver and accelerometers—has demonstrated that birds do indeed track their aerodynamic environment in real-time and take advantage of it with precise positioning and wing flapping:  Read more

First things first... Joe
Unguided evolution can't explain birds. Joe
sixthbook, mahuna asked, "I think the bigger question for Evolutionists is why some birds stage spectacular migrations and others don’t. " and I asked "why is such a question bigger for scientists ? Are not ID or creationists interested in Nature too ?." It's up to Mahuna to show why different people have different questions. Mahuna's question about why birds migrate is a topic for scientists. If Mahuna is too lazy to google around then why should we be their slave ? I then move on to showing up Cornelius Hunter's lies about scientists. Lincoln Phipps
Even we can feel upwash and downwash of wind, why wouldn't birds which evolved flight mechanism over millions of years feel and adapt to the phase changes of leader wings flutter? selvaRajan
LP You're quote has absolutely nothing to do with what Maluna said. Maluna asked: "why [do] some birds stage spectacular migrations and others don’t[?]" To which you responded about the efficiency of their flight formation, which only furthers Maluna's first comment about the intelligence of birds regarding flight. sixthbook
Mahuna, why is such a question bigger for scientists ? Are not ID or creationists interested in Nature too ?. Fact is that the question of how birds fly in these patterns has had a number of hypothesis e.g. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=why-do-migratory-birds-fl
There are two well-supported and complementary explanations for why birds fly in formation. One is to conserve energy by taking advantage of the upwash vortex fields created by the wings of the birds in front. The other is to facilitate orientation and communication among the birds. These explanations are not mutually exclusive, and both have been backed by a variety of studies.
And as you'll see with the Nature article scientists are actively working on answering these questions. It's safe to ignore Hunter's nonsense though he's a brilliant addition to any ID team as he'll single-handedly ensure ID is never taught in any US tax-funded school. Keep up the good work. lol. Lincoln Phipps
You have to remember that birds spend a LOT of time flying and FEEL every instant of being in the air. This is like being surprised that fish swim so well. Gulls are regularly seen "hovering" on the updraft from a cliff face without flapping their wings but constantly making minor corrections to the trim of their wings and tail. THAT is mastery. I had a friend who flew sailplanes. He said he ALWAYS looked for hawks and buzzards because they could find the thermals MUCH better than his sink-rate meters could. And only some bird flocks fly in Vs. Buzzards never do this, probably because they're built to cruise. And neither do sparrows and such, which typically make short, erratic flights. I think the bigger question for Evolutionists is why some birds stage spectacular migrations and others don't. You have to have the "right" body plan and wing design for long range flight, but that body plan and wing design are of no particular advantage if you do NOT make long migratory flights. And then there is the fact that a consequence of making geese protected species in urban areas has resulted in flocks of the stupid things NOT migrating: they spend the entire year here in Virginia. So why did their cave-dwelling, saber-toothed ancestors ever start summering in Canada? The whole long range flight to a specific breeding area is incredibly complicated, and it's not like there's any shortage of food further south. mahuna

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