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For Darwin Day, here’s Jerry!! … Censor of the Year


Further to “New atheists score higher than conservative commentators on ‘certainty.’ Surprised?” we learned this morning that the Darwin Day “Censor of the Year” is University of Chicago Darwinist Jerry Coyne:

In 2013, Coyne was instrumental in pushing Ball State University in Indiana to formally ban teaching about the scientific theory of intelligent design (ID). The move represents a milestone in the drive to punish critics of Darwinian theory.

Working with the extremist Freedom From Religion Foundation, Coyne focused his attention on gagging untenured Ball State physicist Eric Hedin, who had taught an interdisciplinary course that included a bibliography with books favoring and criticizing ID.

Dr. Stephen Meyer, director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and author of the New York Times bestseller Darwin’s Doubt, explained the importance of the case: “The chilling effect extends everywhere in science. Scientists know that speaking openly about weaknesses in Darwinian theory or about intelligent design as an alternative can mean the end of a vulnerable scholar’s career. Hedin serves as an example to others.” More.

Coyne is, as it happens, a “new” new atheist (a “gnu” atheist, as he likes to say) and is author of Why Evolution Is True.

One of our direct contacts with him came when he held forth on the subject of the Columbine shooting—claiming it had nothing to do with Darwinism—unaware that our Barry Arrington, a lawyer working on the case, was a world class expert in the subject and knew full well that Darwinism was in fact the philosophy of the main shooter.

Did the facts matter? Nada. No facts can matter if they contradict Darwinism.

Darwinian evolution, you see, is True, which goes way beyond fact, and by definition justifies the oppression of dissenters.

Otherwise, generations will grow up not knowing Why Evolution Is True.

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In the kitzmiller v. dover case, a federal court ruled that intelligent design is religious. Teaching a religious viewpoint in a class that is listed as a science course = school endorses a religious viewpoint, and is therefore unconstitutional. During the trial, the discovery institute claim that intelligent design is a scientific viewpoint rather than a religious one. Yet, in articles on f.ex. evolutionnews.org, its pretty appearant that intelligent design is religiously motivated: Example, from one article: "The outline of the story is now, sadly, a familiar one. Instructor wants to discuss intelligent design (ID). Intolerant atheists throw a fit. College quickly capitulates to the demands of the atheists. Instructor is censored. - See more at: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/12/freethought-oasis-bullies079991.html#sthash.ucCzF13U.dpuf" The article blames "intolerant atheists" for censoring intelligent design. In saying that, the article heavily implies that intelligent design is religously motivated. In effect: intelligent design proponents are aware that Hedin was breaking the law, and are upset that Jerry Coyne had a part in exposing the crime. G-type
Levan, here you go: j-coyne@uchicago.edu bornagain77
And one more thing: many of us write profound comments regarding the evolutionists palaver. I am not sure they will understand and even read these. Levan
Can someone help me? I would like to congratulate Jerry that he won the "Censor of the Year" but I can not find his email address. He really deserves it. :) Levan
I'm bANNED,BANNED,BANNED on his blog thing. I think he is afraid of me(and i'm Canadian I suspect) Yes i beat up evolutionists but in a fair and decent way. its all intellectual and moral. i don't dislike or hurt anybody. i'm a Christian and just me. these guys truly seek to censor and control conversation ! They can't take it!! We should do a march. By the way. When one banns conclusions or ideas in schools then it means that the school is officially saying something is not true BECAUSE the purpose of school is to teach the truth in subjects. its official. ID is NOT true at Ball!! Of coarse you know this means war!! Robert Byers
podcast - Dr. Michael Egnor: How Science is Censored http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-10T17_10_46-08_00 Dr. Michael Egnor is on the show again to talk more about his recent debates with atheist evolutionary biologist Dr. Jerry Coyne. Listen in as Egnor and Research Coordinator Casey Luskin discuss recent efforts that Jerry Coyne has made against open discourse on intelligent design and evolution, looking at two recent incidents of censorship at Ball State University and the LA County Museum of Natural History. bornagain77
By the way, I think someone should add to his page on wikipedia, something like: "Coyne is openly critical of any viewpoints which are contrary to his own, and of academics, including his own colleagues and other scholars who disagree with his scientific interpretations, and his stated publicly on his website that he will delete any posts from his site which are by creationists or which he feels are critical of his scientific positions" This latest award should also be included in his wikipedia page. After all, this is exactly the kind of wording, and much worse, which wikipedia allows to be used, against those who hold scientific positions which are not popular with the wikipedia communities agenda. phoodoo
I brought up this very subject of Coyne two weeks ago and asked to start a topic about it, but got no reply from anyone. Jerry Coyne works for an institution which receives government funding. In doing so he not only happily breaches the barriers between church and state, in that almost everything he talks about is his religion, but he does so using poor science, and even poorer politics of slandering others. Furthermore, he has his public blog, which he uses to criticize other scientific points of view, while selectively deciding that no counterpoints of discussion will ever be allowed on his site, and his flock of sheep have expressed gleeful support of his censoring of any debate. Now, I realize he is a great coward, and is downright terrified of having to defend any of his positions, but when he does so as a representative of a major US university, and goes around calling out other academics, then goes running and hides behind his flock, he should be called out for this. I am surprised he likes cats so much, when he acts so much like a scared little chicken with bad manners. phoodoo
We have the facts and need to pound them with the facts until their butt hurts. Joe
Joe, people that are hesitant to equivocate, lie, and bluff are always at a disadvantage when it comes to enacting public policy. Darwinian Mystics have shown time and time again that they have no such reservations. They will do just about anything to stop people from questioning their state sponsored religion. lifepsy
Hopefully people not only read it but do something to stop the likes of Jerry Coyne from stifling academic freedom. What happened to this country? It's as if no one has a spine and they let atheistic materialists walk all over them. I get the seperation of Church and State. But that shouldn't mean that atheism and materialism get a free pass, especially since that position boils down to nothing but sheer dumb luck when it comes to explaining our existence. We outnumber them but we do not stand united against them. And stuff like Jerry pulled last year will continue to happen until someone stands up to stop them. Joe
Hey, guys. This is a site people read during work hours. 'Nuff said. - News News
Only a cowardly lowlife would call or write to a university to get a course removed just because that course made you soil your diaper. Enter Jerry Coyne and Ball State... Joe
Yes Larry, we get it-> your nose is so far Jerry's arse that you get first whiff. Theraputic indeed- for both of you! :razz: Joe
I see. Well, there is a place where you can register your displeasure to Jerry. Just fill out the form. You may find it therapeutic. LarTanner
Larry, All Jerry does is fart Joe
Coool! Remember how we all wanted to read censored books? Remember how we viewed censorious behavior of the state? Coyne has just gone square! What wonderful news. Think of all the allure of selling illegal paperbacks to innocent freshman at Ball State. Jerry, you've finally cut yourself off from the younger generation, and you will find your audiences growing grayer and grayer as they enthusiastically shout "Heil Darwin!" at increasingly geriatric meetings. Congratulations! Robert Sheldon
For his part, Jerry seems genuinely and rightly amused. In case any of you have your meters turned off, he's farting in your general direction. LarTanner
Ahhh, but Coyne is merely a tool of pope Dawkins http://www.thedailysheeple.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/inquisition2_JPG.jpg bornagain77

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