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Forever frozen: What happens when people stop believing in the existence of the soul


Or the mind, or the immateriality or consciousness or the resurrection of the dead…

From Helen Thomson at New Scientist:

“WE’RE taking people to the future!” says architect Stephen Valentine, as we drive through two gigantic gates into a massive plot of land in the middle of the sleepy, unassuming town that is Comfort, Texas. The scene from here is surreal. … After years of searching, Valentine chose this site as the unlikely home of the new Mecca of cryogenics. Called Timeship, the monolithic building will become the world’s largest structure devoted to cryopreservation, and will be home to thousands of people who are neither dead nor alive, frozen in time in the hope that one day technology will be able to bring them back to life. And last month, building work began. More.

The ancient blessing of dying a peaceful, natural death at a ripe old age seems to have vanished from view. The only way anyone could usefully take advantage of cryogenics would be dying in mid-life (euthanasia?)

Speaking of euthanasia the Dutch are now planning to offer euthanasia to alcoholics. Death is more effective than AA and more fully develops the naturalist worldview.

Note: News coverage was spotty and religion news coverage was late this weekend due to the peaceful death at a vry old age of a relative of O’Leary for News.

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