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Former Canadian defense minister says: Stop wars and space aliens will share technology

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Further to “The hidden benefits of the pursuit of ET. And the hidden costs.”, 1960s-era Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer aptly demonstrates one of the latter, as the National Post tells it: “Paul Hellyer: Aliens would share technology if earth stopped wars.”

Notice how conventional moralizing (“war is bad”) hits the world headlines if space aliens can be linked to it, with no evidence whatsoever and no expectation of any.


green space alien Prez sez: “War is bad.”

Pope sez: “War is bad.”

Crickets say nothing intelligible.

The zoid from planet Zongo sez “War is bad.”

World hedders chime in.

Whaa?! The up side to all this is the coffee break. The down side is, war really is bad, and nonexistent alien opinion is a waste of bandwidth even on a slow news day:

Hellyer, 90, told Russia Today last week that he believes there are 80 different species of extraterrestrials, some of whom “look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.

Happily, very few of them are dangerous; in fact, the universe is just like downtown Toronto, where your UD news writer and Paul Hellyer both lived for decades. Amazing coincidence.

Hellyer described a cosmos similar to that of Star Trek and says that there is a “federation” of aliens that has a rule to not interfere in our affairs — the same as Trek’s “prime directive.”

The aliens got that idea from Star Trek, actually. They concluded that it was a safer policy for them than suicide bombing, which they had formerly espoused.

Note: The comment at the National Post are hilarious; many relate to Hellyer outfitting all the armed services in identical green garbage-bag uniforms, a morale-busting move.

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Actually, if I were an alien, in charge of tech that in dangerous and irresponsible hands could do a lot of damage, I would ring fence off the Sol system and put patrols to make sure of no visitors. KF kairosfocus
So silly! Jaceli123
Hellyer only allowed his views on space aliens to be known in 2005, to the best of my knowledge. He is over ninety years old. What I find interesting is not what the old man thinks but the amount of attention he garners for thinking it. I am guessing it is the popular expression of the same impulses as drive the new cosmologies. You might find this thread at the ID Facebook page of interest: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140995135944096 News
Wow. Paul Hellyer was a Canadian defence minister? Did anybody know about his views on aliens before he was chosen to be a defence minister? Or is this another elaborate (but oh so stupid) ruse in the same class as Darwinian evolution and global warming alarmism? :-D Mapou

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