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Fossilized Cambrian arthropod brains found

Figure 2.

If you really want to know about fossil Cambrian brains, you are the ultimate evolution geek. Hey, be proud!

Scientists discovered these splotchy marks in fossils of the arthropod Alalcomenaeus, an animal which shares its phylum with modern insects, spiders and crustaceans. The animals lived during the Cambrian period, which took place between about 543 million and 490 million years ago, and sported a tough exoskeleton that fossilized well. But the soft tissues of the creature’s brain and nerves often decayed and therefore disappeared from the fossil record.

Nicoletta Lanese, “Fossilized Brains Found in Ancient Bug-Like Creatures” at LiveScience

Paper. (open access)

Had to happen eventually. And when a Cambrian arthropod brain turns up that can be analyzed, if it turns out to be pretty much like a modern arthropod brain, what reasonable conclusion should we draw about the design of life or the alleged lack thereof?

Eccentric of course, but I don't think that the Mexican 'tilma' of the peasant saint, Juan Diego, leaves one scintilla of doubt that the world and all that is in it was designed by the same magnificant intelligence as the author of the markings (its composition attributed to be no known paint, mysteriously hovering a minute distance above the cloth, etc, etc, etc.), in which the reflected images of the protagonists, Juan and the bishop are reflected in the eyes of the Virgin Mary depicted (as also the vein in the eyes, by eminent opthalmologists, the tempeature of the 'tilma' is that of normal body-temperature, the material used should have disintgrated within the first six months of the year it was made. Of course our Christian faith entails more than mere credence, belief ; rather it entails a commitment to its import and its implicatons, which make different demands qua their form, at the time and places in which they were preached and in most places, today, Such commitment, moreover, is always a matter of choice, or, rather, repeated choices. Axel
Evidence does not matter to Darwinists. They do not need evidence, since they have already convinced themselves macro-evolution is a fact. To them, it did happen and nothing can alter their perception. BobRyan

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