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From a climate prophet: How climate affects human evolution

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In breaking news, Climate Audit has obtained exclusive information on output from the first runs of Weaver’s “next generation” climate model. These are the first known climate model predictions of the future of human evolution. The results are worrying: Take a look.

Serves us all right, presumably. 😉

If you are interested in climate change issues, you might want to note this new book.

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3 Replies to “From a climate prophet: How climate affects human evolution

  1. 1
    Andre says:

    Who cares….. It’s not like life, the universe or anything has a reason or a purpose for its existence….. Beats my why materialists are so scared of dying….

  2. 2
    unwilling participant says:

    Andre, is it possible that materialists are so afraid of dying because they believe that this life is all they have?

  3. 3
    Cross says:

    Oh dear, sans the beard I look like the next step in the flesh! You Co2 producers have a lot to answer for.


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