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From Evolution News: Luskin Explores Design Evidence from Geology

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For those who have eyes to see, nature reveals design across the scientific disciplines.

Author David Klinghoffer reports:

If there’s an intelligent design in nature, you would expect it to be evident in a range of scientific disciplines. Biology, paleontology, chemistry, physics, cosmology… What’s missing from that list? How about geology? 

At the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, geologist Casey Luskin gave a wonderful talk about design evidence from his own field, revealing the “Good Earth” that we have the good fortune to inhabit. Or is it fortune? Dr. Luskin reviews the properties that make our planet remarkable, including the strength of the magnetic field, plate tectonics, the volume of water on Earth, the chemistry of the atmosphere, all working together to create a “global thermostat” to keep the planet not too hot and not too cool. 

Luskin considers the possibility that this is mere luck. As some ID critic would chortle about now, if the planet weren’t hospitable to life, we wouldn’t be here to observe these amazing coincidences. But then you consider all the other “just right” circumstances, reflected in life and the cosmos, that Michael DentonStephen Meyer, and others have documented. All a gigantic coincidence? It takes the faith of an atheist to believe that. Also, wait till the end when Luskin presents an argument from hidden artistic beauty: what is unveiled when you view rock thin sections under a petrographic microscope.

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The geological features of our planet not only reveal intelligent design but some hidden beauty, as well.

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    polistra says:

    The initial rightness doesn’t impress me, but the homeostasis does impress me. It’s all about bacteria. They shape the ocean currents, they shape the clouds, they turn rock into soil, they exchange CO2 for oxygen. They maintain the conditions for life, which benefits them and (as a side effect) benefits bigger critters. The magnetic field guides bacteria in all of their tasks.

    Purpose questions: How did bacteria decide to create all of these huge feedback loops? How did they decide to use magnetism for navigation? How did they know the loops were necessary to maintain their own universe?

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