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From LiveScience: Consciousness after death

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From Mindy Weisberger at LiveScience:

Driven by ambition and curiosity to learn what lies on the other side of death, five medical students deliberately stop their hearts in order to experience “the afterlife” in the new thriller “Flatliners” (Sony Pictures), which opened in U.S. theaters on Sept. 29.

They quickly discover that there are unexpected and terrible consequences of dallying with death — but not everything they experience after “dying” is in the realm of science fiction. A growing body of research is charting the processes that occur after death, suggesting that human consciousness doesn’t immediately wink out after the heart stops, experts say. More.

The most serious enemy of what we can know is what we think we know beyond argument.

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Would we give up naturalism to solve the hard problem of consciousness?


Post-modern science: The illusion of consciousness sees through itself

That is not the case. Relatively few, yes. But the number of recorded cases, many described by the individuals on such sites as YouTube is enormous, and it is only relatively recently that people have been game to talk about their experiences, after a few rebuffs by family and friends. Evidently, some NDEs are suspect/fraudulent, but generally they are very convincing - and that from a very, at least ostensibly, unscientific angle, namely, their highly emotional and patently honest, body-language. All types, too, including neurosurgeons and other physicians. Axel
If there is consciousness after death, why only few people with near-death-experiences (being clinically dead for a while) report "being conscious"? J-Mac

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