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Fun: Experiments on antimatter are now possible?

Why more matter than antimatter?/NASA

From Joshua Howgego at New Scientist:

On 11 November last year, a small birthday party was held in an apparently unremarkable hangar onthe outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland. Nothing too fancy, just a few people gathered around a cake. The honourees were there. Well, sort of – they were still locked in the cage where they had spent their first year. But then again, there is no other way to treat a brood of antimatter particles.

The antimatter realm is so bizarre as to be almost unbelievable: a mirror world of particles that destroy themselves and normal matter whenever the two come into contact. But it’s real enough. Cosmic rays containing antiparticles constantly bombard Earth. A banana blurts out an anti-electron every hour or so. Thunderstorms produce beams of the stuff above the planet. (paywall)More.

The problem, obviously, is that they are anti-everything and tend to disappear themselves and others.

How to capture and store antimatter.

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New theory as to why matter predominates over antimatter

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