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Great Deal on Three ID DVDs

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This just in from a contact at Campus Crusade:

Three documentaries on DVD, perfect for an ID collection, are now available for just $29.95 -– about $10 per DVD: Campuscrusade.com/8110E

The three documentaries are:

The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel
Unlocking the Mystery of Life
The Privileged Planet

The Privileged Planet was, of course, co-written by Guillermo Gonzalez, Ph.D. Ben Stein’s Expelled asserts that Dr. Gonzalez was denied tenure for challenging Darwinian Orthodoxy. Perhaps someone you know would enjoy seeing what is so controversial about Gonzalez’ ideas in particular and Intelligent Design, in general. The DVDs present solid scientific concepts in language the layman or laywoman can understand, with state of the art, memorable graphics.

vjtorley, There are translations: http://www.illustramedia.com/languages.htm But I don't see any Japanese translations. However, I suppose Illustra would be delighted to have someone volunteer to translate into Japanese(hint, hint). scordova
Just an idea: has anyone thought of producing these DVDs with dubbing or subtitles in Japanese? I mention this because I happen to reside in Japan, where a large number of people have no spiritual beliefs. It's not that people are hostile to religion; rather, people either don't think about it at all, or they tend to see it as something exotic and/or divisive. However, I feel that videos of these documentaries, with their powerful visual effects, would undoubtedly serve to awaken people's curiosity about whether the universe may have had a personal Creator. I might add that Japan has over 127 million people. vjtorley
Darn ... I already have two of the three. Are there any other ID movies out or coming out? QuadFather
I'm with you on that. It is more important to hear the truth than who you hear it from. idnet.com.au
On the other hand, when UMOL was introduced into Australia by Campus Crusade a few years ago, there was a “We told you that ID is all about religion” response.
I think that is an important consideration. However, I realized that the critics will not be appeased no matter what ID proponents do. For example, the NCSE was quick to point out Illustra medias ties to religious organizations..... I decided that it would be best in the long run to stop worrying about how the critics might react to certain initiatives. If churches and religious organizations are willing to distribute the ID materials than so be it. Hardly anyone else is distributing it on the college campuses as far as I know.... My polling data on the US campuses suggest the affiliation of ID with creationism and religion could actually be a selling point to the scientists of the next generation! See: Thoughts on ID scordova
On the other hand, when UMOL was introduced into Australia by Campus Crusade a few years ago, there was a "We told you that ID is all about religion" response. The Aussie promotion to have 2 copies in every school back fired a little because it is obvious why Campus Crusade promotes ID. idnet.com.au
Thank you so much for posting this Bill, I was about to do so myself. The fact that Crusade is now endorsing these videos by keeping them in stock is a major breakthrough in the spread of ID. I have had great difficulty getting pro-ID videos to be endorsed by local chapters of Campus Crusade. I've actually been dissuaded from talking about biological ID from places like InterVarsity at James Madison University Lonwood/Hampden Sydney in 2004. This move by Campus Crusade might change the things on college campuses. Crusade might actually reach more people with ID than the existing IDEA chapters on university campuses, and this move by crusade will probably hasten the spread of IDEA chapters throughout the land... scordova

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