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Handy links to ID-related articles from ARN

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Handy links to ID-related articles from ARN

A friend writes to advise us of this handy source, Access Research Network. For example, just a snippet from August to date:

New book – “HUMANS: The fascinating story of how early Homo sapiens became modern humans” My God, Your God?
Spectacular Discovery Reveals Power Grid in Muscle Cells; Design Implications Are Profound Evolution News and Views
New book – “Who Designed the Designer?” Ignatius Press
Sometimes, NASA’s promotion is fun but shameless Uncommon Descent
The mystery of particle generations Symmetry Magazine
Largely brain absent man functions normally Evolution News and Views
The Healthy Man Who Was Missing a Brain Real Clear Science
Giant Mystery Ring of Galaxies Should Not Exist Discovery
Scientists solve structure of the eukaryotic MCM2-7 complex

Check them out. We can’t and don’t do it all. It’s getting too big for that.


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