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Here’s a New Paper on a Long Non Coding RNA

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Genes in our DNA code for proteins, but those genes only account for a few percent of the entire genome. What is the rest of our DNA doing? Evolutionists thought it was mostly useless but, in fact, all kinds of functions have been implicated. Some of the DNA is transcribed in long segments but, unlike the coding genes, does not get translated into a protein. Instead, this large noncoding RNA (lncRNA) helps to regulate which protein-coding genes are transcribed. New research is helping to elucidate how lncRNA does its job. The findings are not only astonishing, they demolish evolutionary theory.  Read more

2 Replies to “Here’s a New Paper on a Long Non Coding RNA

  1. 1
    Andre says:

    Please don’t let Prom Moran get hold of this, he is on a crusade defending his junk story, I think he is cracking…

  2. 2
    AVS says:

    “demolish evolutionary theory”?
    Exaggerate much?

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