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Here’s an Incredible Idea For How Memory Works


Do you remember Avogadro’s number, the acceleration due to gravity, pi or a Shakespearean Sonnet? The problem is that how the brain could store information long-term has been something of a mystery. But now researchers have developed a very interesting idea of how the brain’s neurons could store information using, believe it or not, a binary encoding scheme based on phosphorylation:  Read more

Indeed the memory defies mutationism as its origin. I see the memory as two things. The stuff that sticks and the triggering mechanism. I see the triggering mechanism as the big deal as I concluded that what is called mental retardation actually unrelated to the mind but rather is the result of memory interference. Nothing wrong with their memory but instead with the triggering mechanism. This indicated by the common case of retarded peoples with above average abilities in things as called idiot savants. Robert Byers

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