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Hi tech mogul tells campus autocrats to grow up or get lost


Well, PayPal’s Peter Thiel put it more politely but… that’s the bottom line. We don’t usually hear tech moguls talking this way. More frequent news is stuff like Is it Google-com or Google.gov? or Digital dictatorship.

But Thiel thinks the riot is over:

“The reformation is going to happen,” Thiel added, noting it won’t come from within, but from the “outside.”

Thiel made the comments in a keynote speech at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Collegiate Network editors’ conference. The group funds independent and conservative-minded campus news outlets at universities across the nation, and Thiel is an alumnus of the 39-year-old nonprofit, founding the Stanford Review in the late 1980s.

In reality, higher education is in trouble, he said, citing the ballooning student debt crisis, the lack of instruction that translates into marketable skills, and the fact that even though universities have seemingly endless resources — “they’re not delivering in any way.” Jennifer Kabbany, “Peter Thiel predicts ‘reformation’ of higher education in speech to student journalists” at The College Fix

Who wants to fund a riot anyway?

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See also: Without free speech, science would be back in the Stone Age It makes as much sense to blame dead white guys for upending cozy sanctimonies about how the world works as to blame the person who tries to cross the bridge that collapsed for the fact that the bridge collapsed. True, some people are more likely to want to cross a bridge than others but the first foot is not the reason it collapsed.

Before the 1950s, only rich city folk sent their kids to college. For any of the professions (law, engineering, journalism), you took an entry level job after high school, learned the trade, and demonstrated TALENT (or at least competence) in that trade. Since the 1960s, a BS or BA was supposed to convince a company to hire you as a low level white collar guy instead of having you start in the mailroom. In the 1980s, I worked on a project with a young woman who had just graduated from Brigham Young with a BA (BS??) in "Logistics". She knew NOTHING about Logistics as practiced by DoD, but then I had 8 or 10 years experience in the trade by then and could tell the difference between just learning the local acronyms and being completely and utterly lost. As near as I can tell, here in the super whizz-bang, Buck Rogers 21st Century, a BA certifies NOTHING about the talent or knowledge of the holder, and even back in 1970 a BS in Chemistry meant that you were qualified to wash test tubes in a real laboratory. vmahuna
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