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Holy moly! The universe is expanding faster than it “should”

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If you were out changing a tire in the rain or shovelling snow somewhere, you probably didn’t notice the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft’s, “cosmic crisis,” so a quick update:

Best of all for cosmologists, Gaia’s new catalogue includes the special stars whose distances serve as yardsticks for measuring all farther cosmological distances. Because of this, the new data has swiftly sharpened the biggest conundrum in modern cosmology: the unexpectedly fast expansion of the universe, known as the Hubble tension.

The tension is this: The cosmos’s known ingredients and governing equations predict that it should currently be expanding at a rate of 67 kilometers per second per megaparsec — meaning we should see galaxies flying away from us 67 kilometers per second faster for each additional megaparsec of distance. Yet actual measurements consistently overshoot the mark. Galaxies are receding too quickly. The discrepancy thrillingly suggests that some unknown quickening agent may be afoot in the cosmos. a

Natalie Wolchover, “Astronomers Get Their Wish, and a Cosmic Crisis Gets Worse” at Quanta

“unknown quickening agent”? Well, we haven’t found dark matter or dark energy so we might just as well be looking for something else we might not find while we are at it.

The skinny: Everything is the same as it was yesterday.

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  1. 1
    AaronS1978 says:

    I doubt it’s dark matter and they have to come up with a source is capable of pushing everything in the universe we’d all be destroyed by something like that

  2. 2
    aarceng says:

    If the rate of expansion slows with time then maybe the universe is younger than they think.

  3. 3
    AaronS1978 says:

    It’s also possible that Newton was wrong and we just got the physics wrong in the first place

  4. 4
    mike1962 says:

    Another possibility:
    The universe is a virtual reality.
    The “space” matrix has been programmed to expand at this rate.
    There isn’t any “matter” or “energy” within “space” driving the expansion so none will be found.

  5. 5
    Querius says:

    I think the problem might be with the gray matter . . . 😉


  6. 6
    PaV says:

    I came up with a conceptual solution to all of this 10 years ago. You can’t speak to physicists about this because they insist on only using mathematical concepts. (Believe me, I’ve tried)

    Here’s the solution: space-time is like a cellular automata. Individual cells not only divide (= expansion of space in all three dimensions), but they also give off an infinitesimal amount of energy in infinitesimal amounts of time (i.e., they “emit” energy, also in all three directions).

    At the beginning of the universe, there was no mass. But, as quarks and then neutrons formed, this “emitted” energy was constrained (quarks and gluons) and the effect of gravity rather homogeneous (isomorphic). As space expanded, gravity (the amount of space-time’s “emitted” energy constrained by matter), matter did not expand (i.e., mass is conserved). Matter was at first ‘diffuse’ (think ‘dust clouds’–actually hydrogen atoms, formed by neutrons ejecting a quark [=electron, which, with its ejections, transforms the neutron into a proton, the two combining to form hydrogen]), but through disturbances and gravitational forces this matter began to congeal. This “congealing” continues to this day, and is manifest in the “filaments” seen in space which themselves connect galaxy clusters, etc.

    With “mass” thus being forced into proportionally smaller portions of space, the “emitted” energy of space-time (=ether=vacuum), is less and less constrained: hence, the “expansion” of the universe” accelerates because of this build up of “emitted” radiation in these increasingly larger regions of space.

    This “emitted” energy of the space-time is “dark energy.” The interplay between this “dark energy” and matter (=mass) is “dark matter.”


    There you have it. For 10 years I’ve been waiting for some kind of particle to be discovered that is the “carrier” of “dark matter.” None has been found. If such a particle had been found, my conceptual take would have been disproven. They running out of any actual particles. (Though what is termed an “axion” is similar to what I’m suggesting here, but it still doesn’t fill the bill).

    It will be years before anything like this will be confirmed. I’ll be long dead. But, I hope you remember a little of what I’m saying here.

  7. 7
    aarceng says:

    mike1962 @ 4
    Then who or what created the virtual reality?

  8. 8
    Eugene says:


    The Owner(s) of our Zoo world. Whoever they are. Their mind is obviously at least a few orders of magnitude more capable than what they kindly gave us.

    …Then who created them? We don’t know. We may never know. However, this question is entirely orthogonal to our predicament. In this world we inhabit, there is simply no known mechanism to create all the irreversible complexity of the machinery of life, neither there is a source for design of life forms.
    I am a software engineer by trade. For any software engineer taking a deep look at molecular biology, the existence of the Designer becomes rather obvious.

  9. 9
    Pearlman says:

    False. It is not expanding at all. The Hubble tension is a tell the Hubble expansion is flawed.
    The empirical observations align with cosmic expansion ending relativley early in history.
    No dark matter fudge factor. No dark energy fudge factor. To have any chance of being valid SCM-LCDM requires both.
    SPIRAL is over 150 Trillion times more reasonable a hypothesis, based on size, density and entropy factor alone. SPIRAL has other great advantages over the current consensus SCM-LCDM.
    The only issue is getting studied and fair consideration. As SPIRAL, like other ID, is outside the faith based (deep-time dependent) consensus box.
    So can not even get to, and consider, the one actuality that is outside that box. Thus misplaced ‘know it all arrogance’ keeps consensus from advancing in science.
    reference Pearlman vs Hubble in SPIRAL in volume II of the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment.

  10. 10
    PaV says:

    As to “Axions,” this just in today: From Phys.Org.

  11. 11
    marquez8 says:

    News, how many posts do you make a day? Does anyone else post? Are there any posts concerning recent ID research? Is there any ID research? Where’s Dembski? Where’s West? Where are any of the ‘pre’ 2005 Dover crowd?

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