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How many honorary doctorates does Judge Jones have now?

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Judge Jones being awarded a doctorate

Here is Judge John E. Jones III receiving an honorary doctorate just six months after rendering his decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover (check out Dickinson College’s reasons for conferring the degree). How many honorary doctorates has the Judge racked up since then? (I’m told four, but I have yet to confirm that.) Not bad for someone who went from head of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to towering intellect of American jurisprudence.

There’s a lesson in all this. ID is often presented as a “conservative thing.” But conservatives and liberals alike are intent on pleasing and being rewarded by the pro-Darwin lobby (witness the Republican Judge Jones — I expect the biggest worry weighing on him in Kitzmiller was how to justify a pro-ID decision to his golf buddies at the country club). George Bush may make supporting noises for ID when confronted on the matter by the press, but when push comes to shove he defers to his science adviser John Marburger, who takes his marching orders from the NCSE.

Ron Numbers informs me that over 100 professional societies have weighed in officially against ID. (Again, I’d like to see this confirmed.) Don’t expect people with a finger in the wind to help ID. ID is the intellectual elite’s equivalent of leprosy. In the present circumstances, we are better off being opposed by liberals and conservatives alike.

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  1. 1
    paul says:

    Interestingly, the founder of Dickinson believed in freedom of throught and freedom of action. How far the college has strayed.

  2. 2
    GilDodgen says:

    And just think, Jones’ honorary-degree-worthy decision only required three keystrokes:

    Ctrl-A (select all)
    Ctrl-C (copy)
    Ctrl-V (paste)

  3. 3

    The funny thing is we caught his use of other sources using the principles of design detection.

  4. 4
    Michael Tuite says:

    Dr. Dembski,
    Are you deliberately seeking to undermine any role you might play as a recognized ID authority in any future litigation? I am struck that this and other recent posts will supply ample reason for even an ID-friendly court to dismiss your testimony as biased and irrational. Certainly you’re not conceding defeat to anti-ID forces. How will the movement prevail next time if your authority is undermined by snarky sniping?

    Michael Tuite

  5. 5
    Borne says:

    Honorary phd? What a lot of hot air. These days the materialist academies are handing out Phd.’s for free – all you have to do is say, “I believe in Darwin our Savior”, and they’ll hand one over.

    Darwinists will stoop to anything to bolster their crumbling faith. They look more and more like they’re replaying Custer’s last stand with all this obsequious back slapping and self-congratulations. Jones is just another quisling Darwinist fearing groveler.

    In a world where assassin/terrorist Yasser Arafat can get the Nobel peace prize and ‘scientists’ now go to the courts to establish their pet theories as truth, nothing – no matter how inane, is surprising any more.

    And, sadly, that has lowered the meaning & value of a Nobel prize and Phd’s etc. in the eyes of millions.

  6. 6
    bork says:

    Honorary PhD is the same as saying “We argree with what you say, so you must be smart”

    I once thought Honorary PhD meant “you discovered something amazing, and here is our thanks.”

    Whether you agree or disagree with Judge John E. Jones, you still have to ask yourself if a decision merits an honorary degree. I would say no just on the basis that he did nothing extraordinary.

  7. 7
    tribune7 says:

    His most momentous decision as head of the PLCB was to ban Bad Frog Beer.

  8. 8
    tribune7 says:

    But while he could prohibit Pennsylvanians from being offended he could not stop the Bad Frog steamroller

    I propose it as our official drink.

  9. 9
    bornagain77 says:

    They are just saying thanks to Judge Jones for endorsing their pre-concieved philosophical blindness of materialism. Yet one more pat on the back from the blind leaders to their faithful blind flock who have not strayed from the blind fold.

  10. 10

    Michael Tuite: I have no aspirations to be in another trial, and if I am barred from one on account of posts such as this, so be it. I regard posts such as this in a broader light than you do, seeing them as mirrors by which the culture may examine itself. Where is the honor in Jones’s honorary doctorate?

  11. 11
    russ says:

    I would say no just on the basis that he did nothing extraordinary.

    I knew that no good would come of grade inflation. Now even fake degrees don’t represent the level of achievement that they used to!

  12. 12
    tribune7 says:

    Dr. Dembski — this thread is quite appropriate to the debate. I think it’s almost safe to say we won the science and now it is just a matter of politics and the press.

    Consider this: Greg Graffin — a punk rock singer who founded a group called Bad Religions (note the “cross buster” logo at the link) is writing articles for American Scientist as per Denyse’s thread.

    And I’d bet you half the farm he wouldn’t have trouble getting tenure at Iowa State.

  13. 13
    Jehu says:

    And I’d bet you half the farm he wouldn’t have trouble getting tenure at Iowa State.

    He does have a Phd. from Cornell in Zoology and he teaches at UCLA.

  14. 14
    Larry Fafarman says:

    How many honorary doctorates has the Judge racked up since then? (I am told four, but I have yet to confirm that).

    The only other honorary degree that I have been able to find is one from Muhlenberg College — see —

    He is an alumnus of Dickinson College’s undergraduate and law schools, but apparently his only connection with Muhlenberg was that his daughter was graduating from that college at the same time that the college granted him an honorary degree.

    I certainly agree that fame resulting from just a single court decision hardly merits an honorary degree.

  15. 15
    tribune7 says:

    And I’d bet you half the farm he wouldn’t have trouble getting tenure at Iowa State . . . He does have a Phd. from Cornell in Zoology and he teaches at UCLA.

    There was a certain astrophysicist had a Ph.D from the University of Washington; did post-doc work at the University of Texas and the University of Washington; received fellowships, grants and awards from NASA, the University of Washington, Sigma Xi, and the National Science Foundation; and was well published in peer-reviewed journals.

    He couldn’t get tenure at Iowa State University.

  16. 16
    Mats says:

    He deserves all praise bkz he has defended materialism against design. He will go down in History as the “Judge Who Changed The World”…. or.. “The Judge WHo Refused To Think About The Issues, But Instead Bought The ACLU’s Goods”

    If you attack materialism, you get honorady doctorates.

    If you do good science, and if you have many peer reviewed articles, plus many citations to work you, AND you believe that the universe points to some reality or Someone beyond itself, you will be denied tenure.

    For anyone who thinks that there isn’t a war of worldviews going on, these 3 examples (Judge Jones, Dr Gonzalez, and Denyse’s post about the atheism of evolutionary biologists) should serve as suficient evidence for the contrary.

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