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How one student paid for questioning Darwinism

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Caroline Crocker, director of AITSE and author of Free to Think, recounts the cost of curiosity, for a student who chose to present both sides in a project about Darwinism:

Evelyn frowned, “The teacher didn’t seem to mind. She just wants me to be sure to give evidence for both sides of the debate.”

I did not want to be paranoid, but I also wanted to protect this brilliant young lady from those who might not hesitate to ruin her future. “Okay, just be sure that you’re careful about what you say.”

Crocker herself is one of the Expelled. She should know.

“Would it also be okay for us to meet, to talk about any questions I have about the project?”

I smiled, writing my phone number on a scrap of paper. “Sure, why don’t we get together at Starbucks. We can talk then.”

As it turned out, Evelyn did stay in contact with me by e-mail up until the time she gave her presentation although we didn’t have a chance to go for coffee. She shared her own journey towards doubting neo-Darwinian evolution, However, after her presentation, I did not hear from her again. Cheryl, a friend of hers, told me that this was because a group of faculty members had confronted Evelyn about her views on evolution, leaving her shaking and in tears.

Barry, where are you?

It was so painful and frightening that Evelyn had decided that in order to secure her future she should never again mention her doubts about neo-Darwinian evolution. In addition, she resolved that she should also never again speak to me. Unfortunately, her decision came too late; I later learned that she was denied entrance into medical school. (p. 132)


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